Moving into a new apartment can cause a wide array of emotions.  You may feel excited about moving into a new place, stressed about getting everything moved and overwhelmed by having to coordinate the connection and disconnection of your utilities.

Thinking ahead can help prevent additional stress on moving days.  Here are some moving tips you might want to consider to make the transition to your new apartment as smooth as possible.

  • Renter’s insurance Call your insurance agent ahead of time to get a quote on renters insurance.  This type of policy is relatively inexpensive and will cover most of your belongings inside the apartment from certain types of loss.  If you use the same company for your auto insurance be sure to ask about a multi-line policy discount.
  • Utilities Arrange to have your utilities connected in advance.  There is nothing worse than wanting to take a shower after a long day of moving and not having any water.
  • Make notes of pre-existing damage Walk through your new apartment and make note of any existing damage and provide documentation to the landlord.  As an extra precaution, you may want to take a video or snap some pictures. Some things you want to make note of are holes in the drywall, chipped paint, broken appliances and damaged carpet.
  • Parking Once you have decided how you are moving you want to make sure you have ample space for the moving truck.  You may want to call the apartment complex office and arrange for additional parking on the day of your move.
  • Essentials Box Have an essentials box packed with items you need immediately such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Miscellaneous tools such as a hammer and a screwdriver may also come in handy for reassembling items and hanging pictures.

Moving can be hectic for even the most organized renter. Being prepared will help you stay calm and collect the day of your move. We hope you found these apartment moving tips helpful! If you have questions about how US Border Movers can make apartment moving easy and affordable, don’t hesitate to ask!


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