How do you drive traffic to your website? This is an eternal question. There are courses taught and articles written, all with suggestions – some valid others not. But there are some tools that work reliably to increase website traffic. Read on to learn more. 

1. Submit Your Site to Search Lists

Search engine optimization is key when submitting to Google, Yahoo and Bing. Resubmit your URL sitemap monthly. Make sure to also review your website often. This is because it will help increase your website’s visibility. It will also help move your URL higher in search engine results.

2. Promote Your Website Shamelessly

Put your site address on everything. That includes business cards, emails, stationary, and envelopes. Simply everything. Join discussion groups and sign every post with a name and URL. Write articles and also sign those with a name and URL. Finally, go to meetings and hand out your business card. 

3. Buy Some Emails

There are services that can provide you with email, address and name lists. For example, there is These lists are expensive, so target the exact people whom you want to view your URL. You can also reduce the list size so you can minimize costs.

4. Collect Everything

On your website, have a place for people to sign up for your newsletter. Also make sure to collect business cards when you’re at a conference, meeting or class. Then, add these emails to your list. Just make sure when you email information out, they can unsubscribe. At a large show, collect cards from companies that compliment yours. Add these emails to your list and talk to them about reciprocal links.

5. Utilise Reciprocal Links

Companies that compliment your services could recommend your URL while you have a link to theirs. This is a great way to extend your reach. So it is a win-win situation.

6. Leverage Blogs

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The more links you have, the higher up the search engine list your site goes. Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your site. Although very time consuming, there are many free blogs to list your services or product. As a result, they can drive people to your URL. Just manage your time carefully.

7. Write Articles

Websites such as are great for submitting your work. This website is free. You close with your name, a short bio and your URL. Many other sites also exist that you can write for and drive traffic from. Make sure to pepper your content with relevant keywords.

8. Create a Newsletter

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This can be time consuming, but it’s worth it. Email the front page of your newsletter, and list the articles that you offer in bullet points. Have a click through to the full article in case people want to read on further. Add an unsubscribe, as well.

These tips work to drive traffic to your website. Try using them and see your traffic – and hopefully, your revenue – increase.

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