Contact companies, and ask your trusted moving company, like Border Movers, for tips.

An oversize fee is charged if the vehicle is large and takes up extra space. Most SUV’s fall into this category.

The cost to transport your car depends on several factors:

  • distance being shipped
  • number of vehicles
  • dates of departure and pickup
  • guaranteed dates cost extra
  • make and type of car
  • door-to-door service or terminal service
  • any alteration to your vehicle which affects the size

Estimated pick up and delivery dates with a window of time from 3 to 5 days are usually given by the auto transport company because of weather conditions or other unforeseen scheduling delays. If a company offers you guaranteed precise dates, get this in writing.

The car transport company needs time to make arrangements to move your vehicle. Book your transport at least 15 days in advance.

The length of time it takes to transport your car depends on various factors, such as the distance, the weather, and the destination of the other vehicles on the truck.

When it comes to insurance always read the fine print on the insurance certificate. Reputable companies insure your vehicle but it may not be for a satisfactory amount. Inquire about the deductible. You may need to purchase extra insurance for supplemental coverage. Your own car insurance policy may provide coverage for shipping.

Pick up and delivery has two types of service. The most convenient and most expensive is Door-To-Door where your car is picked up at your home and delivered to your new home as long as the large carrier can negotiate the streets in your neighborhood. With Terminal Service, you will drop your car off at the terminal and pick it up at the destination terminal, which may or may not be close to your home.

Do not leave personal items in your car as this is illegal, violators can be fined, and such items are not covered by insurance.

Signing a contract is mandatory since it protects both you and the car transport company. You will require this contract if you have a complaint or if there is a dispute. Asking for a cancellation clause in the contract allows you to cancel if your vehicle is not picked up within the agreed time frame.

In an open carrier, the vehicles are exposed to inclement weather conditions during transport and this is the least expensive option.

In an enclosed carrier, the vehicles are protected inside from all weather conditions. This type of transport is more expensive. However, if your car is an antique, a custom vehicle, or a very expensive one, this may be the best choice.

Normally an initial deposit is required and the balance is due upon delivery of your car at the prearranged destination. Check with your car transport company to see what form of payment is acceptable.

At the point of origin, you will be required to sign an “Original Inspection Report” which details all dents, scratches and cracks to windows and mirrors, as well as the overall condition of your car. The mileage on your car plus the pick up and delivery schedule will also be listed. Make sure you receive a copy of this report so you can determine if there is any new damage to your car on delivery.

In order to verify the condition of your car, never accept delivery at night. Make a thorough inspection of your car, using the “Original Inspection Report” to determine if there are any new dents or scratches. You must make a note of and sign for any new damage noted. The delivery driver must also sign.

If your car has been damaged during transit, and this happens rarely, make detailed notes on the “Original Inspection Report” and obtain the driver’s signature. You will then need to contact the car transport company who will verify the damage and reimburse you.

It is highly unlikely that a dispute will arise, but if it does, it is best that you try to work with the company to resolve it. 

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