Do you think your office deserves those updated spiffy metal stairs and railing designs?

Business owners now have more modern railing possibilities! Interior horizontal railing is now possible for homeowners opting for modern stair designs due to improvements to the International Building Code (IBC). Of course, businesses and industrial facilities also need to meet OSHA standards like stair handrail height and more.

Modern Stair RailingWhy do you think about installing a horizontal railing?

  • Beautiful lines and a dazzling visual appeal. 
  • A popular alternative for anyone seeking anything other than the conventional vertical railing 
  • Combining elements of wood, aluminum, and steel makes for a high-contrast minimalist look 
  • It’s a practical and straightforward way to update railings

When choosing horizontal railing for your staircase, keep these three points in mind:

1. Cable railing necessitates regular cleaning. Cable rail would continue to be reinforced with time, much like piano strings. Horizontal bars do not necessitate this level of maintenance.

2. Since horizontal railing has its own set of design requirements, take extra time during the design process to iron out these details. For example, buildings need to meet the minimum stair railing height at 42 inches.

3. Horizontal solid rails, but not cable railing, may be mounted on a curved railing. Curved horizontal bars may be used to create particular modern metal handrails.

Industrial Metal Railing DesignsWhen it comes to contemporary staircases, there are no good nor bad solutions. Instead, the company and people at the workplace’s safety comes first. Next is that how these metal stairs can be addressed in the most aesthetically appealing way possible. We will help you beautifully integrate the different levels of your business in a way that is genuinely spectacular from the ground up and ensure that your staircase is everything you expected it to be.

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