• Puerto Rico tech execs mark 1st anniversary of ‘World IPv6 Day’

    Network engineers from Puerto Rico’s broadband providers met for several days this week at the Telegrafo facilities in Santurce for the “2013 IPv6 Summit for Broadband Network Operators,” to begin preparations for Puerto Rico’s transition to IPv6 – the next generation Internet Protocol.

  • Startups of Puerto Rico “Hackathon” at El Telégrafo

    San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 22, 2012 – First Startups of Puerto Rico Hackathon is attracted over 50 developers to compete for fun and prizes as they meet other developers and learn more about what they love: “Programming.”


  • Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, INTECO interconnect broadband networks

    San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 12, 2012 – Critical Hub Networks and Iniciativa Tecnológica Centro Oriental (INTECO) announce the successful interconnection of their broadband networks, in an effort to improve broadband services in Puerto Rico.

    Funded in February 2010 by the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), INTECO is constructing a broadband network through the municipalities of Cayey, Caguas, Gurabo, San Lorenzo, Juncos, Las Piedras, Naguabo and Humacao.  INTECO’s new network infrastructure is essential to the economic and social development of the region. In particular, INTECO’s broadband infrastructure will be specifically used to improve health care, education and public safety in the region.


  • Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative Kicks-Off Islandwide Network Deployment

    Critical Hub Networks officially kicked off the deployment of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative’s islandwide microwave network this month, initiating the final phase of the ARRA-funded broadband project.

    In April 2010, Critical Hub was awarded $25.7 million in ARRA funds through the NTIA for the creation of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative (PRBI), a project designed to bring fast, affordable broadband service to all of Puerto Rico. Since its funding, PRBI established an ultra-high speed backbone connection for broadband providers from Puerto Rico to Miami. Early this month, Critical Hub received its FCC licenses for the terrestrial microwave network, giving the company the green-light to begin the installation & activation of 24 interconnection points around the island.

  • Broadband Service Providers prepare for Internet Protocol IPv6

    The Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, the Internet Society of Puerto Rico and Cisco Systems

    host workshop to prepare island’s broadband networks for the transition to IPv6.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 23, 2012 – Puerto Rico’s broadband providers met last Thursday at the Telegrafo facilities in Santurce for the IPv6 Workshop for Broadband Providers in order to begin preparations for Puerto Rico’s transition to IPv6 – the next generation Internet Protocol.



  • Puerto Rico Internet Service Providers get Ready for the New Internet Protocol IPV6

    The Telegraph facilities, home of the Federal Proposal: Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative was the setting for the first workshop offered on the island regarding the new Internet protocol, IPv6, and for which all telecommunications companies must be integrating in their systems if they don’t want to face problems in the future with their users addresses.


  • Puerto Rico’s Broadband Obstacles: El Vocero Interviews Karen Larson

    Our very own Karen Larson talks with El Vocero about the difficulties that Puerto Rico faces on its path to higher broadband connectivity and what the PRBI is doing to overcome them.


  • Assessment of Internet Resources at Community Anchor Institutions Underway

    Schools, libraries, hospitals, and public safety facilities are encouraged to participate in a Connect Puerto Rico survey

    San Juan, Puerto Rico — The Puerto Rico Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA) have partnered with Connect Puerto Rico to create a detailed, interactive map of broadband coverage across the island. This map will provide an inventory of broadband capacity across the commonwealth, including at Community Anchor Institutions (CAI). This information is essential for developing strategies aimed at increasing broadband availability and adoption across Puerto Rico.


  • U.S. official gives thumbs up to PR broadband projects

    A key U.S. government official in charge of implementing federal broadband projects throughout the nation said she was pleased with the three local projects started last year.


  • Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative Hosts U.S. Commerce Department official at facilities in Santurce

    San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 9, 2011 – Today, Critical Hub Networks hosted Ms. Anna Gómez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), during her visit to the island joined by local officials.