Schools, libraries, hospitals, and public safety facilities are encouraged to participate in a Connect Puerto Rico survey

San Juan, Puerto Rico — The Puerto Rico Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA) have partnered with Connect Puerto Rico to create a detailed, interactive map of broadband coverage across the island. This map will provide an inventory of broadband capacity across the commonwealth, including at Community Anchor Institutions (CAI). This information is essential for developing strategies aimed at increasing broadband availability and adoption across Puerto Rico.

This initiative recognizes that institutions such as schools, hospitals, libraries, and public safety facilities serve essential and meaningful roles in communities. It is critical that these facilities have access to broadband to better serve those who rely on these community resources. This survey will assist Connect Puerto Rico with determining what type of access and connection speeds are available.

Connect Puerto Rico has developed a convenient and simple online survey to collect this data and encourages the following institutions to visit the website to participate:

• Schools: K-12 schools, including both private and public;
• Libraries: Private and public;
• Medical/Healthcare: Hospitals and emergency care units or clinics;
• Public Safety Facilities: Police (state and local), sheriff offices, fire stations, emergency medical services, 911 centers (if different from police), and correctional institutions;
• Higher-Education: Universities, colleges, and community colleges;
• Other community support – government: Local government offices (town halls, city management departments, other), courthouses (county, state, or federal), district attorney offices, federal facilities.

Connect Puerto Rico has partnered with the commonwealth of Puerto Rico to create the first broadband inventory maps and engage in a research project to better understand broadband adoption across the territory.

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