The “Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative” (PRBI) has already started. This is a project financed with funds from the United States government, which is expected to improve access speed and reduce the price of Internet access in Puerto Rico and its islands, Vieques and Culebra. This project seeks solutions to the problems currently faced by different internet access service companies to improve their product and offer it at more competitive prices.

What many may not know is the cost of leaving local traffic outside the island. For example; you request through your “Browser” a Web page that we say is physically on an Alaska server, the request or “request” that makes your machine travel to the USA returns to PR and then goes to Alaska so you can see that desired page.

The PRBI consists of several projects: a “bridge” in the form of a fiber optic cable with a capacity of 10 gigabits per second between Miami and San Juan, a network of microwave antennas that will cover 180 miles of territory by means of 11 towers and a meeting point for local networks to interconnect.

Among the goals that this initiative pursues are:

1. Broadband is easily accessible.
2. Increase access speeds.

The author of this initiative is Carlo Marazzí, president of Critical Hub Networks, parent company of the legendary local internet access provider This company received a financial contribution from the “ARRA” funds, amounting to US $ 25.7 million after its proposal, the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, was selected by the NTIA (“National Telecommunications and Information Agency”), government agency of USA

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