What to Move, What to Move, So Much Stuff, I Don’t Know What to Do!

So it’s time. You have to start making your final decisions on what’s making the move and what’s not. What worldly possessions get to go on the big adventure to your new home? How do you decide what gets to go and what gets left behind? You may have heard that you pay less when you move less.  If so, you heard right.  So if you’re looking for ways to save money moving…keep reading, I’ve got some great things for you to consider.


Reasons you might pare down what you’re moving:

  • Downsizing
  • Moving to a Different country. In this case, border movers will help you.
  • Good Excuse to Get Rid of a Few Things
  • Short on Cash
  • Completely Different Style of Home

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help decide what to trim down.


Indoor Furniture – You’re moving to a new home, is there anything you’re hoping to replace in the next six months anyway? Does the style of your furniture fit your new home or lifestyle? Will it fit? Should it be replaced? Do you want to move it? Will you be adding to the family? Is anyone moving out?


Outdoor Furniture – Lawn furniture can be very bulky, hard to pack into a moving van and can take up a lot of space. Is your new climate conducive to the set you have? Will it fit your new deck or patio? Could you sell it for a nice sum and replace it with something more appropriate for your new home?


Outdoor Maintenance – Do you still need a snow blower? Is the old lawnmower worth moving or would you be better off selling it and buying new next summer? Are you moving to a condo with a lawn service included in HOA fees? Is the swing set worth the hassle of breaking down and rebuilding? How about the old grill, is it worth moving? Do you need to move the pool equipment?


Appliances – Do you want the refrigerator for your new kitchen or will it end up in the garage? Are the washer and dryer worth moving or would you be better off selling and getting a high efficiency set on the other end? How often do you use the rice cooker or bread machine?


Remember, if you let go and sell some of the larger, bulky items you’re not likely to use at your new home,  you not only get the cash from selling the items, you also get the cost savings from reducing the size of your move.  You might even consider leaving behind some of the really bulky items you will use at your new home.  Just look at the cost savings of using less space, paired with the profit from selling the item, and determine whether it’s worth it to replace it once you get there. Sometimes you’ll find that’s a great way to save money moving.


I hope these tips help you to stop and consider things you could leave behind that will ultimately save money on your move. If you want a cost-effective way of moving your belongings, have a professional moving company like US Border Movers do the job.


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